Healthy ageing


Growing old gracefully

In 1962 the average life expectancy for men was 68.1 while women could expect to live six years longer. Fast forward 55 years and the UK Office for National Statistics now puts life expectancy rates at 79.4 and 83.1 respectively. This is great news for us all, as medical advances mean that survival rates from serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease continue to improve, but it also means that the older generation needs to learn how to ‘age well’ by delaying the onset of chronic degenerative conditions.

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Pregnancy Nutrition


Getting the best nutrition for you and your baby is a top priority when you’re pregnant. But for many women, eating a healthy and varied diet isn’t an easy choice. If you suffer from ‘morning’ sickness, some days you might find you can’t eat anything, while on other days only a doughnut will do – and the thought of green leafy vegetables or a helping of quinoa can be nothing short of nauseating.

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Science of honey

Science of honey

Honey has many health-giving benefits and has been used since ancient times for its special properties. Good quality honey can be high in beneficial plant compounds including antioxidants. It contains a number of nutrients and has high levels of glucose and fructose which offers a healthier alternative to refined sugar making it a great source of energy. However, the composition of a honey batch depends on the floral source(s) available to the bees that produced the honey.

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The most abundant protein in your body – What is it and why you should know about it?!

Did you know that up to 35% of all body protein content is made up of one type of protein? This protein is a key component of our connective tissue – the most widely distributed tissue in the body, which binds, holds, supports and strengthens other body tissues, as well as insulating and protecting the organs. It makes up our ligaments, tendons, skin, joints, cartilage, bone and even the gut lining, blood vessels and our teeth! It is therefore absolutely vital to health and proper integrity and function on ALL body tissues and organs. Continue reading

Summer Travel Advice

Summer is the time for holidays and some time out from our daily routines, however fully letting go of our daily rituals may be counter-productive and lead to needing a holiday following our holiday! Here is a nutritional guide about how to make the most of your much-needed downtime by being well-prepared and travel smart: Continue reading